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SLC MP: Esawi has to adhere to judiciary, not to provoke Iraqis over arresting his guards


Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Shakir al-Daraji, of the State of Law Coalition called the Finance Minister and the leader within the Iraqiya Slate, Rafi al-Esawi, to adhere to the judiciary regarding the issue of arresting his guards and not by provoking the Iraqi people.

In a press statement received by AIN on Thursday, he said "Esawi's statements to the demonstrators in Anbar was for creating the sedition and has many violations where he wants to create the enmity among the Iraqis."

"Arresting Esawi's guards is a judicial issue and Esawi has to respect the judiciary and face this issue rather than adhering to the sectarian statements," he added, assuring that "There are foreign sides attempting to create the sectarian sedition."

"The Iraqi people are much stronger than these attempts," calling "The political sides to respect the judiciary and stop creating the seditions." /End/

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