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Urgent…Maliki calls demonstrators to abandon demands like releasing terrorists, restoring Baath


Baghdad (AIN) –The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, called the demonstrators to abandon the demands that ruin the political process like the demand for restoring Baath Party or releasing the terrorists who are convicted with murder, kidnap crimes.

A statement by the Premier's office received by AIN cited "The political process faces great impediments require all sides to be careful from the foreign agenda that aim at dividing the country and to start the sectarian conflicts."

"The national interests oblige us to cooperate and coordinate to confront the attempts target the national unity to prevent the terrorist groups from deviating the demonstrations from its legitimate principals," the statement added.

"We here praise the stances of the religious scholars and the Iraqi tribes for their moderate calls that are against the radicals who seek evil," the statement assured.

"We call the citizens to practice their right in conducting demonstrations but they must be peaceful," the statement concluded. /End/ 

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